Conserve water, revitalize your soil, and enhance the quality of your turf from tee to green.

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The Rainmaker – the ultimate solution for transforming your golf course’s water treatment system. With the Rainmaker, you can improve water quality while reducing water usage, all while saving money in the process – MAKING EVERY DROP COUNT.

The Rainmaker uses cutting-edge technology to mimic rainwater, buffer pH, and support soil regeneration. Plus, it may reduce water and fertilizer usage by up to 30%, making it an eco-friendly choice that will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Rainmaker water treatment lets grasses grow longer roots and more hair roots, resulting in healthier more resilient turf. Tee to green, your golf course will look and feel more playable.

Upgrade to the Rainmaker and see the difference it can make for your golf course today.

How the Rainmaker Works

Please watch this 2.5 minute video to understand how the Rainmaker works its magic on your irrigation water.

Over 15 Years of Proven Technology


Pietie Botha
Course Superintendent
George Golf Club

Plug pulled from our 30-year-old greens irrigated with Rainmaker treated water, showing impressive and healthy root growth in a species renowned for shorter rooting systems (Poa).

We have been using the Rainmaker for about a year now and have achieved great results since installing it. After 3 months we noticed that the irrigation water penetrated the soil much faster. With water that previously pooled on the surface now draining into the soil, we can irrigate for longer periods and also get water deeper into the soil profile. This allows the roots of the grass to grow significantly longer and stronger, translating to more resilient and disease-free playing surfaces (see photo of a plug with impressive root growth pulled from our putting greens irrigated with Rainmaker treated water – Note that our greens are 90% Poa. Generally, Poa has a very short root system, so to see roots this long and dense is amazing!). The grass visually looks a lot healthier, especially in areas that previously had big problems due to compaction. Rainmaker water treatment has a major impact on water quality. Improvements thereof ensure definite improvements in water penetration, and soil aeration and keep the grass looking healthy and strong. Total irrigation and fertilizer requirements have also come down significantly. We were able to reduce our irrigation rates by 30% and cut back a third of our fertigation applications. Our greens are 30 years old, with approximately 45,000 rounds of golf being played on them per year. Heavy foot traffic experienced by the greens meant that we struggled with heavy compaction issues, especially during the summer months. The grass used to thin out and get stressed easily before we invested in the installation of the Rainmaker. Since Rainmaker water treatment has been implemented this compaction and related thinning and plant stress issues have been reduced. We are extremely happy with the impressive results made possible by Rainmaker water treatment!

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