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The Responsibility of Managing Water Resources

In today's world, the importance of saving water has never been more critical. As our population grows and climate change alters weather patterns, municipalities face increasing pressure to manage water resources sustainability. Municipalities are responsible for a vast array of irrigation needs, ensuring that sports fields, golf courses, public spaces, cemeteries, public gardens, green belts, and municipal parks are properly maintained.

By adopting water-saving practices and investing in efficient irrigation technology, municipalities can significantly reduce water usage while keeping these spaces vibrant and healthy. This responsibility helps ensure a reliable water supply for current and future generations, protects our environment, and saves money on infrastructure.

Making Every Drop Count

Rainmaker.Earth Corp. is an irrigation technology company specializing in water treatment technology. Our process of restructuring the irrigation water so that it has many of the characteristics of rainwater results in a number of qualitative and quantitative benefits including:

Water savings of 20% or greater
Reduced maintenance and input costs
Improved soil health
Increased drought and disease resistance

Value Propositions for Cities and Towns

Water Savings of 20% or Greater

RainMaker treatment generally reduces irrigation water requirements approximately 20%. Reductions that are in excess of 20% can be achieved through more efficient storage of natural rain water. See our Consolidated Water Conservation Data document pdf.

Watershed Protection

Protecting our watersheds is a key component of sustainability. RainMaker effectively mitigates salinity in runoff. See our salinity documentation.

Fertilizer Use Reduction

Aerobic soil environment reduces chemical fertilizer need.

Mechanical Aeration

Reduced or eliminated (compaction is relieved by irrigation).

Drought Resistance

Increased soil water holding capacity and reduced permanent wilting point together with increased turf health improves drought resistance.

Playability and Aesthetics

Turf in athletic parks becomes more resilient as compaction is relieved. Increased health and root growth give a consistent, healthy look to green areas along with trees, shrubs, and other landscaping.

System Maintenance

Biofilms reduced or eliminated, prevention of scale or precipitation formation, sprayer uniformity restored, filter and sprayer cleaning reduced or eliminated.

Deep Watering

Improved hydraulic conductivity and water infiltration and distribution rates facilitates the incorporation of longer wetting cycles to manage root zone characteristics.

Microbial Life

Support of aerated soils and dynamic moisture and nutrient movements by RainMaker improve diversity and relative abundance of beneficial soil microbes.

Wetting Agents (turf applications)

Reduced or eliminated (increased infiltration rates, viscosity reduction in treated water).

Each location's response to RainMaker treated water will vary due to differences in soil type, climate, and operating procedures. Results are highly variable and not guaranteed. Typically, responses are greater with lower quality irrigation water.

Rainmaker.Earth Corp. Committed to Being a Part of the Solution

Rainmaker.Earth Corp understands the pressure on municipalities to preserve water and implement sustainable solutions for our community's well-being. We are committed to being a vital part of the solution. The RainMaker system reduces water use by 20% or more, exemplifying innovative solutions that make a significant difference.

Rainmaker.Earth's focus is clear: to enhance the quality of irrigation water, leading to significant water savings and reduced input costs.

  • Over 4,000 system installations globally.
  • The RainMaker technology has researched and proven where it matters most: on commercial irrigation systems.
  • Over 16 years in operation, the RainMaker technology has proven to deliver cleaner, more efficient irrigation systems and superior water quality.
  • Rainmaker technology connects with existing irrigation systems.

With RainMaker technology, every drop of water counts, making a tangible impact on sustainable water management

Achieve Environmental Goals While Maintaining Economic Sustainability

At Rainmaker.Earth Corp., we are committed to helping municipalities improve their water footprint by reducing water requirements by over 20%.

Why RainMaker Technology?

Economic Sustainability

Our system is economically sustainable, providing multiple value propositions to increase ROI. Decreased input costs, qualitative and quantitative improvements combine to provide a strong return.

Environmental Impact

Saving water is paramount in irrigation sustainability, and Rainmaker technology leads the charge.

Municipal Investment

Cities with environmental or climate action funds may be accessed to offset capital costs.

Make a Difference Today!

Partner with Rainmaker.Earth Corp. and take the next step towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

Contact us to explore how our technology can align with your municipality's sustainability goals.

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