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Conserve water, revitalize your soil, fix compaction, and enhance the quality of your turf from tee to green.

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Golf Course Value Propositions

Water Use

RainMaker treatment generally reduces irrigation water requirements approximately 20%. Reductions in excess of 20% can be experienced through more efficient storage of natural rain water. Ask for our complete water reduction package.

Wetting Agents

Reduced or eliminated (increased infiltration rates, viscosity reduction in treated water).

Fertilizer Use Reduction

Aerobic soil environment reduces chemical fertilizer need

Mechanical Aeration

Reduced or eliminated (compaction is relieved by irrigation).

Course Damage

Standing water reduced or eliminated minimizing cart damage and gets the course back into play faster after rains. Divot and impact marks are more easily repaired.

Playability and Aesthetics

Turf becomes more resilient as compaction is relieved. Increased turf health and root growth provide a consistent, healthy look to the fairways and greens together with the trees, shrubs and other landscaping.

Drought Resistance

Increased soil water holding capacity and reduced permanent wilting point together with increased turf health improves drought resistance.

System Maintenance

Biofilms reduced or eliminated, prevention of scale or precipitation formation, sprayer uniformity restored, filter and sprayer cleaning reduced or eliminated.

Deep Watering

Improved hydraulic conductivity and water infiltration and distribution rates facilitates the incorporation of longer wetting cycles to manage root zone characteristics.

Microbial Life

Support of aerated soils and dynamic moisture and nutrient movements by RainMaker improve diversity and relative abundance of beneficial soil microbes.

Note: Individual courses will respond to rainmaker treated water differently due to variations in soil type, climatic conditions and operating procedures. The results for individual courses will accordingly be highly variable and cannot be specifically warranted or guaranteed. Typically responses are greater the lower the quality of the irrigation water.

The Rainmaker – the ultimate solution for transforming your golf course’s water treatment system. With the Rainmaker, you can improve water quality while reducing water usage, all while saving money in the process – MAKING EVERY DROP COUNT.

The Rainmaker uses cutting-edge technology to mimic rainwater, buffer pH, and support soil regeneration. Plus, it may reduce water and fertilizer usage by up to 30%, making it an eco-friendly choice that will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Rainmaker water treatment lets grasses grow longer roots and more hair roots, resulting in healthier more resilient turf. Tee to green, your golf course will look and feel more playable.

Upgrade to the Rainmaker and see the difference it can make for your golf course today.

How the RainMaker Works with Golf Course Systems


Root Growth


Director of Agronomy, Stewart Creek Golf Course

After 30 days of use, we had a one inch rain event where we saw a vast improvement of water infiltration, minimal amounts of surface runoff and standing water. It was in that event that first caught our attention as something completely different that what we had seen over the years.


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