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A Transformational Water Treatment System for Improving Water Quality and Irrigation Efficiency

The RainMaker water treatment system has been researched and proven where it matters most: on commercial irrigation systems. RainMaker has consistently achieved the same results - satisfied clients with cleaner and efficient irrigation systems and better water, making every drop of available water count!

Optimize Water Quality

Make your water work for you!

Optimizes Water Quality

The Rainmaker System reverses and prevents soil compaction and salination.

Cleaner Irrigation System

Make your system work for you!.

Cleans Irrigation System

The Rainmaker System reduces the impurities deposited in your filter and irrigation system.

Relieve Soil Compaction

Make your soil work for you!

Reduces Soil Compaction

The Rainmaker System effects chemical, biological & physical improvements in irrigation water.

Developed and perfected over the past 15 years.

The Rainmaker works by...

Mimicking Rain Water

  • Loading irrigation water with energetic hydroxyl radicals, mimicking rainwater
  • Creating aerobic soil
  • Breaking down salt bonds
  • Reducing biofilm/pathogens

Regenerating the Soil

  • Growing the mycelium network
  • De-compacting soils
  • De-salinating soils
  • Stabilizing pH
  • Supporting efficient water storage

Enabling Greater Crop Productivity

  • Increasing yields
  • Aerating soil
  • Increasing mineral availability
  • Maximizing micro-nutrient availability
  • Cultivating larger crop areas

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