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Seeking Agronomists, Soil Experts and other agriculture professionals to become Authorized Agents for the Rainmaker irrigation water treatment systems!

Are you passionate about sustainable agriculture and looking to make a real difference in the industry?

Join our team as a Rainmaker Authorized Agent and provide your customers with a proven solution for irrigation water that will revolutionize their farming practices.

Why Rainmaker?

Our cutting-edge solution, referred to as “Rainwater on steroids,” is a game-changer in water management. By restructuring the water we can optimize water usage and provide a number of other benefits.

We improve system efficiency, reduce input costs, conserve water, and ultimately increase yields and soil health. With Rainmaker, you’ll be empowering farmers to achieve higher yields while embracing sustainable and cost-effective practices.

Be a Trusted Advisor

As a Rainmaker Authorized Agent, you’ll be able to improve your customer’s bottom line, guiding them toward the future of water management in agriculture and the improvements in soil management and economics that Rainmaker systems provides.

Earn Attractive Commissions

Enjoy the rewards of your hard work and expertise with our commission-based opportunity. Earn attractive commissions on every successful sale and make a tangible impact on both your income and the environment.

Join a Results-Driven Company

Rainmaker.Earth Corp. is a global company dedicated to profitable sustainable agriculture. We understand the pressing issues of water scarcity and high input costs, and we are committed to providing innovative solutions. By joining us as a Rainmaker Authorized Agent, you’ll be part of a forward-thinking organization that values both profitability and sustainability.

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How the RainMaker Works

Please watch this 2-1/2 minute video to understand how the Rainmaker works its magic on your irrigation water.

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